Ivan Guzman: American Diversity, Bowing to Kings, and More Media Hypocrisy

Sunday, 12 April 2009 09:52 by Ivan Guzman

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This post was written by Ivan Guzman, a 15-year-old from the Bronx.  Read more about Ivan here:

Happy Easter.  By the way, does anybody else wonder what on earth a bunny has to do with Jesus? I'm mentioning religion because certain FOX News hosts have been criticizing President Obama for saying we are not a Christian nation. To be unlike FOX News (which is to say, to be fair), Obama also said that we are not a Jewish nation or an Islamic nation. As usual, the FOX talkies treated this like it was the end of the world as we know it. The FOXes need to realize that not everyone in this country is a self-righteous Christian with his or her nose in the air, while at the same time telling people that they're "just like you." If the FOX guys can't come to grips with America's diversity, then my already-low opinion of them is too high.

Another thing: whatever happened to the philosophy that questioning the President meant you were un-American?

That wasn't the only thing criticized about President Obama's trip. He got a lot of heat for bowing to the Saudi Arabian king. This is just me, but if I meet any king (even the Burger King, yes, even that creepy looking king you've seen in the commercials) I'm bowing, it's just courtesy. I'm sure the people who criticized Obama would have liked it better if he held hands with the king just like Bush did. The main criticism was that Obama didn't get much done at the G20 Summit in Europe. To be honest I didn't expect much except improving our image with the rest of the world, it was his first summit and the guy gives great speeches. You do the math.

What's the funniest show on television right now? You'll probably get some answers like The Office, Family Guy, or 30 Rock. I'm officially considering putting the Glenn Beck show (who actually calls his show a "Program", that'll put fannies in the seats) on the list. The guy is hilarious, and he's got commitment. He's got so much commitment that he cried on television, that's great acting. It must be because the things he says on that show are ridiculous. This is just a little add-on, but the 9-12 project has to be the most hypocritical thing I've ever seen or heard of. If you don't know what I'm talking about then check outwhat Glenn Beck had to say about the families of 9/11 victims on his "Program".

This is something that I'm kind of stealing from my favorite sports writer Mike Lupica, I'm just going to write any random thoughts that I have thought over the last couple of weeks, if you disagree, I'm open to any kind of discussion, I'm not Rush Limbaugh.

  • ● I've noticed that I'm attracted to many conservative Republican women, except Ann Coulter. She killed that streak like Soulja Boy killed Hip Hop.
  • ● How is it that Tim Kurkjian knows everything? That man is an expert, the complete opposite of Mark Schlereth. Since when does being an offensive lineman make you an expert at everything about football?
  • ● I'm a huge Lil Wayne fan, I even love his mixtapes.  There's no one-liner or anything I just felt like writing that.
  • ● I also love the song "She Loves Everybody" by Chester French. It's amazing how that band is two people strong yet they can make a song as great as "She Loves Everybody".
  • ● There's nothing like a talent show to remind you how under-funded your school is. It's funny how a talent show can make me think about politics, but just watching as the microphone failed to work over and over again reminded me of the stimulus package and how I hope my school gets enough money for a decent field trip, at least. That just shows what a nerd I am.
  • ● There is a scene in "The 40 Year Old Virgin" with Kevin Hart and Romany Malco that is so funny that anytime I'm depressed I think about that scene and instantly start laughing.
  • ● I was wondering why I still call Mr. Savit "Mister." (Editor's Note: Ivan is a former student of The Generation Project's co-founder, Eli Savit.  Read "Mr." Savit's intoduction of Ivan here).  Since I hate to leave any question unanswered, I came up with my own solution. I only know two Elis, Mr. Savit and ManningEli Manning got me  a Super Bowl memory to last me a life-time. Your move, Mr. Savit. Just kidding.
  • ● Finally, if you ever want to express your thoughts you can write poetry, write a blog, or yell your thoughts out loud to your sibling, teacher, classmates, and television screen. Fortunately for me, I can do all three.
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